Glue - Lullaby For The Sun

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Исполнитель: Glue

Название: Lullaby For The Sun

Длительность mp3: 04:29

Добавлен: 2015-02-27

Просмотрено: 454


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Текст песни:

This is a lullaby for the sun
Which has net to see what I've become
I'm a night time stranger leaving no footprints in the mud
And I've drained my life savings and I'm playing songs into the air
Believing that I'm the only person that cares
My heart almost explodes with every single note
I almost choked to death
Forcing the wind out of my throat
And this poet wrapped me up in your blanket of security next to a traveler who likes
to lose touch with reality
With the darkness comes the promise of the job the next day
Playing the moons theme song
Gliding up a silver stairway
It's there room for credits cover for people who stare
and those who escape to a land of never care
and they always seem to be running away from what's demanding
as I become the get away car and their silent channeling
And I'm handling only as much as my insides allow
Refusing to understand the thoughts of a final bow
Finally connect the cords and protect what's important
And this is life on the pavement fighting a million voices distorted
Usual worth
Bending off curves
Leaving too much to be desired
You search for what's missing until your time line expires
Finding her name with nothing to gain
Outline your memories with chalk and the pieces that remain
So her harmony makes it's way around the animated clouds
shining down under my feet
Letting me know I made her proud
I've been empty like my suitcase suffering the scratches
Keeping myself warm inside as the blue interior matches my frost bitten fingertips
slipping into the instrument
closing my eyes as the very first note hits
on the shadow that translates
melting away your chains
with the power of confession
I'm honored to be on the payroll
with the angelic spirits
adding all the ingredients
to the lyrics are they mistreatments?
This is what I've become
from the mask that I've worn
kneeling on a street corner
I'm compelled to have worn
As my eyes fall below the waistline I focus on the timezone opening the door
Erasing your guidelines
So together we can dream away the man made superstitions
construction magical moments
on a new beat to find mission
As I leave you with my energy playing while you're watching
With a song of explanation for the gift I've been offering
This is for you

Клип Glue- Lullaby for the sun

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